MDCC’s initial and primary role was as the EPCM for the civil installation of a 175MW power plant owned jointly by South African parastatal SASOL and Mozambique electrical utility EDM. Critical in this role was assisting and liaising with EDM and the other ministries to obtain project permitting, easements, etc. MDCC was the EPCM through all phases of the 18 engine plant including gas pipeline feed installation, high pressure compression and monitoring station, electrical switchyard and transmission/distribution lines.

In addition to its primary role as EPCM, MDCC also supported the Finland based overall EPC Wartsila with administrative, acquisition and logistical support services. This included providing staffing for their in-country office, assisting in acquisition and clearing of project and support materials and managing logistics such as renting of housing and hiring and maintenance of vehicles.

Offeror MDCC Holdings
Past Performance Contract Number Supply, Delivery and Installation of CTRG Mozambique_Phases 1-3 and Additional Support Contracts
Performed as Prime or Subcontractor EPCM For Civil Works and Provided Logistics and Life Support to Project
Federal Agency Supported None
Project Location(s) [State or Country] Project Located in Ressano Garcia, MZ. Logistics and Life Support provided in both Mozambique and South Africa
Number of Full-Time Project Personnel 100
Technical, Cost or Schedule Problems Encountered and Resolution With a project of this magnitude and really the first of its kind in Mozambique there were several issues that occurred. AGR was able to assist the stakeholders in areas such as community outreach when a Project Labor Agreement had to be implemented for the local work-force and help negotiate land easements with local citizens. None project construction related KPI’s such as local procurement, local participation, women participation and community health and hygiene were monitored and evaluated by MDCC throughout the life of the project.
Solutions Applied, Cost-Savings Realized or Recognition Received None
Actual Results Achieved against Performance Standards: Project was completed 6 months behind initial schedule, but given the many challenges of executing a project of this magnitude for the first time in a region it was held out as a major success story and brought electricity to tens of thousands of Mozambicans for the first time. The project was recognized for its outstanding health and safety track record as well.
Original Annual Contract Value $12.5 million (approximate)
Current Annual Contract Value $14.5 million (approximate)
Explanation of Variance if applicable Additional acquisition and support contracts issues throughout life of project
Period of Performance All Phases: December 2012-June 2015
Type of Award (Competitive, Sole-Source, Performance Based, etc) Competitive
Contract Type (Firm Fixed Price, Time and Materials, Cost Plus, etc.) Firm Fixed Price on Multiple Contracts