Under an EPCM contract MDCC undertook the detailed engineering design of the primary packing house for the banana plantation and conformed specifications to meet all local building regulations. We also ensured that all construction met the product importing country’s requirements. We oversaw the execution of the primary packing house that was located on the remote 2,000 HA plantation outside of Namiolo, Mozambique.

MDCC also as separate contracts was involved as the EPCM for the plantations fields and irrigations layouts.

Offeror MDCC Holdings
Past Performance Contract Number MDCC_0315_10
Performed as Prime or Subcontractor Prime – Detailed Design and Construct
Project Location(s) [State or Country] Nampula Province, Mozambique
Number of Full-Time Project Personnel  45
Technical, Cost or Schedule Problems Encountered and Resolution None
Solutions Applied, Cost-Savings Realized or Recognition Received Utilized cost-efficient Star Building Structure for the packing house.
Actual Results Achieved against Performance Standards: Completed on-time and on-budget
Original Annual Contract Value $1,850,000
Current Annual Contract Value $1,850,000
Explanation of Variance if applicable N/A
Period of Performance March 2010-December 2012
Type of Award (Competitive, Sole-Source, Performance Based, etc) Competitive
Contract Type (Firm Fixed Price, Time and Materials, Cost Plus, etc.) Firm Fixed Price