We undertook the turnkey design and construction of a 2-story 32,000 square foot data center and office building for the Mozambique Ministry of Science and Technology working with their technology partner EOH-Intelligent Infrastructure out of South Africa on an EPC basis.

Infrastructure and ancillary works including parking security and utilities  were also designed and constructed as part of the contract. Design included coordination between EOH, Ministry of Science and Technology and local licensing authorities.

Offeror MDCC Holdings
Past Performance Contract Number EOH_33429
Performed as Prime or Subcontractor Prime
Client EOH & Mozambique Ministry of Science & Technology
Project Location(s) [State or Country] Macia, Mozambique
Number of Full-Time Project Personnel  60
Technical, Cost or Schedule Problems Encountered and Resolution Schedule issues arose when access to the construction site was not possible. Part of the SOW additional cost was to get the access road approved and constructed
Solutions Applied, Cost-Savings Realized or Recognition Received Worked with local licensing authority/community to get site access.
Actual Results Achieved against Performance Standards: Project was completed above budget due to SOW changes and took an additional 4 months while site access was negotiated and constructed.
Original Annual Contract Value $3.64 million
Current Annual Contract Value $3.76 million
Explanation of Variance if applicable Additional SOW in the form of Approved Change Orders were issued
Period of Performance January 2014-August 2015
Type of Award (Competitive, Sole-Source, Performance Based, etc) Competitive
Contract Type (Firm Fixed Price, Time and Materials, Cost Plus, etc.) Firm Fixed Price