This was a turn-key EPC (Design/Build) contract, including land acquisition, for the US Embassy, Maputo’s new integrated logistics, storage and maintenance warehouse. MDCC undertook the design/build under the OBO’s building specifications adjusting with their approval for the building environment in Mozambique. The warehouse size is 1650m2 and special considerations were taken into account at the design stage for process flow of the warehouse operations. MDCC also supported through acquisition assistance fitting out the warehouse with industrial racking and shelving as part of the contract.

MDCC ensured local Mozambique companies and individuals participation as part of the “In-Country Value” goals they set for the project. Additionally MDCC was the liaison that coordinated the efforts between the U.S.D.S and Mozambique Government Depts.

There were additional expansions to the project that were sole-sourced and executed by MDCC as well.

Offeror MDCC Holdings
Past Performance Contract Number USWarehouse, Lda. Contrato Promessa De Compra E Venda De Imóvel
Performed as Prime or Subcontractor Prime – EPC
Federal Agency Supported U.S. Dept. of State Overseas Building Office & U.S. Embassy Maputo
Project Location(s) [State or Country] Maputo, Mozambique
Number of Full-Time Project Personnel  45
Technical, Cost or Schedule Problems Encountered and Resolution The initial challenge was finding the right piece of land that conformed to the US Embassy and OBO’s requirements and met their budget.
Solutions Applied, Cost-Savings Realized or Recognition Received We utilized our Star Buildings Structure design software and had fabrication of the warehouse undertaken in their Houston facility so that all U.S.D.S. OBO specifications could be met and stay within budget.
Actual Results Achieved against Performance Standards: Project was completed on-budget and 1 month behind schedule due to currency/banking issues that arose in Mozambique during the second half of the project. It was completed with no work loss accidents.
Original Annual Contract Value $4.598 million
Current Annual Contract Value $4.598 million
Explanation of Variance if applicable N/A
Period of Performance August 2014-October 2016
Type of Award (Competitive, Sole-Source, Performance Based, etc) Competitive
Contract Type (Firm Fixed Price, Time and Materials, Cost Plus, etc.) Firm Fixed Price