MDCC has successfully completed projects across many industries and in many project locales. The majority of our work during the last ten years has been in Eastern and Southern Africa and this continues to be a region where we leverage our experience, supplier/subcontractor network and contacts within governments and industry. We have also been engaged in projects in Central and South America and consider these areas within our regional core of expertise as well. Our personnel for each project are selected based on the regional and industry experience to ensure complete subject matter knowledge.

We have highlighted a case-study for each of the below industries we work within. For additional regional or industry case-studies please feel free to contact us.

Oil & Gas

MDCC has worked on projects in the downstream and mid-stream piece of these sectors having undertaken projects such as natural gas pipeline and high pressure metering stations for SASOL on a Project/Construction Management basis and pad-site and road infrastructure for on-shore drilling campaigns on an EPC/EPCM basis.

Case Study: Halliburton East Africa General Services Contract


MDCC’s involvement in the mining sector has largely been in the pre-development and development phases of greenfield projects. We have undertaken the EPC/M of camps, laboratories, storage facilities, road, bridge, rail infrastructure, pad site drilling and logistics/life supports to man-camps for clients such as Globe Metals, Eurasian Natural Resources, Vale and Rio Tinto.

Case Study: ENRC North Shore Coal Mine Development

Power Generation & Transmission

MDCC has been involved in both small and mid-sized power projects including turbine power plants, transmission and distribution infrastructure on an EPCM or Project Management contract basis.

Case Study: CTRG 175MW Gas-Fired Power Plant

Federal Government

MDCC and its partners have a long track-record of executing projects on-time and on-budget OCONUS for different departments within the U.S. Government. Our knowledge of U.S. government standards/specifications, FAR clauses, correct handling of U.S. government property and the administration of sensitive information/accessing secured facilities gives us a distinct advantage when undertaking tasks for them.

Case Study: U.S. DoS Maputo Embassy Logistics Center


As food security continues to play an important part of developing countries and developed countries look to support these efforts MDCC has always focused on maintaining a high level of expertise in this industry. Our experience is diverse having green-fielded large corporate plantations, designed/built processing facilities and designed/built storage/logistic centers.

Case Study: Matanuska Greenfield Banana Plantation


The rest of MDCC’s experience is scattered having undertaken commercial projects in the grocery/retail space, high-end and medium income housing developments and other light industrial warehousing.

Case Study: Ministry of Science and Data Technology Center